Lois Ashby

Living la vida lois!

Travel has always been a serious interest for me – even from a young age when the highlight trip was a Sunday drive in the car.  As I got older I started planning small trips for family and then added friends into the mix when I planned my travel adventures.  Through the years I have cruised the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexican Riviera, and Mediterranean; traveled 49 of the 50 United States; and roamed extensively through Europe.  As my travel expanded into more diverse regions and activities my friends eventually became my clients.  Since I love the research and planning they were happy to let me do the initial work and then the excitement of the actual travel.

For me, travel opens my world to people, places and possibilities that I would otherwise miss, and I come back from those treks renewed in body and spirit.

If you have even an inkling of where you might want to go or do, I can help you turn those inklings into a travel reality.